Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Black Hole: A simple definition!

What an immensely awesome thing. A black hole holds a great deal of mystery behind it. When you think of a black hole, you may think of a giant hole in space, but that isn't always the case. Scientist believe the smallest black hole can be the size of an atom. A single atom if you are unaware is smaller than you can see. A recent hypothesis( a guess that needs much more evidence) has brought up the idea of black holes even being on our own planet Earth.

There are 3 kinds of black holes that we know of. The small ones i was describing which are believed to have been created the same time everything else around it was created. There is a mid range black hole that gets shot off into space sometimes when a planet dies. The super massive black holes are thought to have been created at the time of creation and are usually found in the middle of a galaxy. We have one at the center of out milky way galaxy. Don't worry, we wont get sucked in. We are too far out in its spiral to fall victim to its power.

If there were black holes on our Earth, why cant we see them? Well thats a great point but the weird part of black holes is that you cant see them at all. You can only ever see what is circiling it from its pull. The gravitational pull is so strong in a black hole that not even light can escape. This makes them themselves completely invisible.

Black Holes are extremely small in relation to their mass which of course is massive. This is what creates the powerful gravitational force that they exhibit.

So what is on the other side? We dont know. There is an assumption that just as there are black holes, that there are also white holes where the matter comes back out. Wouldn't that be a trip?